Civilian gun club sues Fort Devens for violating statutory, constitutional rights
A small civilian rifle club located just 50 miles northwest of Boston is suing nearby Fort Devens for violating federal law granting them access to military rifle ranges at reasonable rates, as well as violating their members’ constitutional rights to due process and equal protection under the law. Read More.
North End Restaurant Owners Sue Boston Over Outdoor Dining Policy
Owners of some eateries in the North End have taken legal action against Boston Mayor Michelle Wu over hefty outdoor dining fees that do not apply to other neighborhoods Read More.
Boston personal injury firm Crowe & Mulvey sued by former client for alleged Legal Malpractice
Crowe & Mulvey, a personal injury firm in Boston, has been sued by a former client for alleged Legal Malpractice. The lawsuit, filed by Brian Evans, alleges that the firm failed to depose or call witnesses during his mother's wrongful death trial, and failed to object when a juror member stated that "anyone can have a heart attack," despite the fact that the juror member did not have Sleep Apnea. Read More.
Boston Mayor Singles Out North End Italian Restaurants with Exorbitant Fees
Boston mayor Michelle Wu made the North End, the city's Little Italy, an offer its restaurateurs couldn't refuse — and now they're fighting back. Read More.
Plaintiffs seek $6 million each from City of Boston after alleged damages caused by indoor vaccine mandate
A group of 16 people filed a lawsuit against the City of Boston, Mayor Michelle Wu, the Boston Public Health Commission and its executive director Bisola Ojikutu, requesting $6 million per plaintiff in damages caused by the city’s indoor vaccine mandate. Read More.
Attny. Richard Chambers who sued to block Boston indoor vaccination requirement claim they were damaged to the tune of at least $6 million apiece
The amended complaint was filed in US District Court in Boston today by Richard Chambers, a Lynnfield lawyer being funded by Make Americans Free Again, a group founded by Pam Popper, a naturopath fighting what others might call "science" but which she calls a "Covid Political Propaganda Plandemic." Read More.
Boston Mayor Wu Caves 5 Hours After Atty Richard C. Chambers, Jr. Files Lawsuit in FEDERAL COURT
Chock up a win for local Attorney Richard C. Chambers, Jr., Jr. Today he filed a federal lawsuit against “Mayor Michell Wu of the City of Boston, in her Official and Personal Capacities.” The mayor caved and lifted the unlawful forced vaccination card mandate five hours after this action. Read More.
Boston lifts proof of vaccination requirement for businesses
Boston will no longer require patrons and staff at restaurants, gyms and other indoor locations to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19, Mayor Michelle Wu said Friday. Read More.
Atty. Richard C. Chambers, Jr. Successfully Prevented Forced Vaccination by DCF
Attorney, Richard C. Chambers, Jr., Jr., of Lynnfield Massachusetts successfully prevented the Massachusetts’ Department of Children & Families (DCF) from vaccinating a 16 year old “juvenile” in their care against his parents’ wishes. This child was removed from the family home because of the political beliefs of one of the child’s parents. Read More.
Meeting Turns Raucous for Life Center Building Plans at Suffolk Downs
Thomas O’Brien, managing director of the HYM Investment Group that is developing the Suffolk Downs site, appeared before the City Council Tuesday to talk about the exciting project and the life science building planned for the 161-acre site. Read More.
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