Attny. Richard Chambers who sued to block Boston indoor vaccination requirement claim they were damaged to the tune of at least $6 million apiece

A group of anti-vaxxers who sued to try to block a Boston indoor vaccine mandate aren't letting the end of the requirement stop them: They've filed an amended complaint that now seeks $6 million for each of them for alleged harm the rule did them.

The 16 people - up from 14 in the original complaint - are still also asking for a ruling in US District Court in Boston that the Boston Public Health Commission is unconstitutional and should be dissolved and that the state law that lets local boards of health issue emergency pandemic regulations is equally an affront to the Constitution and should be tossed on the dung heap of history.

Shana Cottone, a Norfolk resident and Boston Police sergeant who also leads another group that likes to spend its mornings yelling outside Mayor Wu's house, remains the lead plaintiff in the case. The amended complaint was filed in US District Court in Boston today by Richard Chambers, a Lynnfield lawyer being funded by Make Americans Free Again, a group founded by Pam Popper, a naturopath fighting what others might call "science" but which she calls a "Covid Political Propaganda Plandemic."
Courtroom by Colin Lloyd is licensed under Unsplash

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