Boston Mayor Wu Caves 5 Hours After Atty Richard C. Chambers, Jr. Files Lawsuit in FEDERAL COURT

Chock up a win for local Attorney Richard C. Chambers, Jr., Jr.

Today he filed a federal lawsuit against “Mayor Michell Wu of the City of Boston, in her Official and Personal Capacities.” The mayor caved and lifted the unlawful forced vaccination card mandate five hours after this action.

Chambers had previously (10 days ago) petitioned the mayor in a letter, urging her to work within the law. She failed to take action until personally faced with Chambers’ federal civil lawsuit.  His much-publicized lawsuit was filed at 2:00 p.m today, and Mayor Wu caved at 7:00 p.m.

It Only Took Five Hours.

It only took five hours for the novice mayor who has repeatedly made misguided steps to lift her mandate. Wu is learning that harassment of police officers, teachers, and first line responders with unlawful mandates and the general harassment of businesses and taxpayers does not come without political and potentially fiscal problems. Wu was cited personally and in her capacity of mayor, along with Boston’s Public Health Commission Executive Director Dr. Bisola Ojikutu, M.D., MPH “in her Official and Personal Capacities.”

In the lawsuit, Chambers details the the constitutional rights which have deprived of his clients.
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