Sex Crimes

Working to Avoid a Lifetime of Consequences
Not every individual accused of a sex crime is guilty.  In fact, many people facing sex offense charges are extremely surprised that they are facing these serious criminal charges.  While it only takes a single accusation to completely tarnish a person’s name, it takes only one experienced, effective and fearless lawyer to have a shot at reversing that damage.  Our attorneys represent clients who find themselves in unfortunate or unforeseen situations that lead to accusations of sexual misconduct.  We have successfully represented professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and other respected members of society.
We put all our extensive trial experience and commitment to
work defending people charged with serious criminal allegations.
When a Misunderstanding Becomes Criminal
“I didn’t know” is a common response to people charged in sex crime cases. At Chambers Law Office, we have seen situations where not knowing the law led to an arrest where:
  • A business professional having inappropriate contact in a bar with a person that turns out to be a minor with a fake ID
  • A misunderstanding or misinterpretation that leads to unwanted sexual advances
  • An online conversation that turns out to be with someone underage
  • A businessman who gets nabbed for unwittingly soliciting a prostitute
  • A momentary indiscretion that leads to a charge of inappropriate sexual contact
 Our attorneys have helped people caught in a bad situation and who have, perhaps unintentionally, made a serious error in judgment.  It’s important to understand that when it comes to sex crimes, any error in judgment can lead to a lifetime as a registered sex offender.  These consequences are serious and long lasting, sometimes life-long.  These are charges you can’t afford not to fight.  Make sure that the lawyer you hire has the skill, reputation and attitude to aggressively defend you.
Get Your Life Back
Our goal is to guide you through an intimidating and aggressive legal system and end the disruptions this can have on your life.  Call our office today or contact us online (below) to discuss how our experience, attitude and commitment to client service can work for you.
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