Drug Crimes

Criminal Defense for Drug Crimes Offenses

It’s not necessarily about what you did or did not do.  It’s about what the prosecution can prove.  It’s about how the arrest was made.  It’s about police procedures, were they followed to the letter of the law? There’s a good reason why the police and prosecution are held to this standard, and we make sure that those standards are met.  The actions you take early on in a drug charge investigation or arrest can have consequences for years to come.  The earlier you can put an experienced and effective lawyer behind you, the better chance you have to put forward an aggressive defense.

We aren’t afraid to take a difficult drug crime case to trial.  We have won jury verdicts for clients found in possession of cocaine measured by the kilo and hundreds of allegedly stolen pharmaceutical drugs. Contact us to discuss your situation.

How Important Is Your Freedom?

Our office has successfully represented clients in state appellate and federal courts in New Hampshire and Massachusetts in cases involving a wide range of drug charges, such as:
  • Possession of marijuana, cocaine/coke/crack, oxycontin, ecstasy, methamphetamines and other narcotics
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Distribution of narcotics or illegal pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing and cultivation
  • Prescription fraud
  • Drug trafficking
Our clients come from all walks of life and a wide range of professions. We have worked with professionals fighting addiction, health care workers accused of abusing their position, homemakers and parents, to name just a few. Our goal is to guide you through the process, and get you results that allow you to move on with your life

Until You’re Found Guilty, There’s Always a Chance to Win

Convictions for even relatively minor drug crimes charges can carry significant penalties including jail time, probation, and loss of driver’s license.  Ask yourself what your freedom is worth to you, and then call our office to speak with an attorney that is results-driven and not afraid to fight for you.
You can just hope that things will work out, or you can put a lawyer on your side that will make it his mission to get results.  Don’t listen to anyone who says you don’t have a choice or a fighting chance.  We love to take on those cases, and we love to win them.  Whether you have been charged with a drug crime or are just being investigated, we can help defend you. 
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