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For most criminal charges, there always needs to be some type of strong evidence, an arrest and a conviction before an accused is convicted. For domestic violence charges and restraining orders — also known as a 209A — all it takes is an accusation. When police are called to the scene of alleged domestic violence or spousal abuse, it almost always ends in an arrest. Furthermore, all it takes to file a restraining order against an individual is the time to fill out some paperwork and appear in court. Accusations of domestic violence have an immediate and significant impact that you simply can’t afford to ignore. The sooner you get strong and reliable legal representation on your side, the better your chance is of clearing your name. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Trial Experience — Proven Results

Many charges of domestic violence are dramatically inflated, unfair and even occasionally used as a tool to discredit someone in a divorce proceeding. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction are far more serious than some people realize. If are subject of a restraining order or convicted of domestic violence, you may be facing:
  • A potential violent offender record
  • Permanent loss of your gun ownership rights
  • Removal from your own home
  • Loss of divorce and custody rights
  • Jail time, probation, rehabilitation classes and fines
  • All of this may be based on one person’s word against another. You can’t afford not to fight with that much at stake, and you certainly want to make sure that you have an experienced trial attorney on your side that is willing to go to any lengths to defend you.
It’s not about finding the easiest solution. It’s
about finding the most appropriate solution.

We put our proven trial ability and tireless desire to fight for the rights of our clients behind your case. We have handled cases where the prosecution offered a deal that other attorneys might have taken, and after cross examination of a key witness in the courtroom, seen the charges dropped.
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