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Attorney Richard C. Chambers, Jr. has successfully represented numerous defendants in Federal and State Court for over 20 years.

Adults & Juvenile Criminal Defense

How much is your case worth to you?  How about your future?  Your freedom?  Can you afford to lose your job or spend years of your life behind bars away from your family and friends? How valuable is your relationship with your children?  All of these questions matter when faced with a serious criminal offense or contested divorce.  When you hire an attorney for a criminal, divorce, custody or family matter, in essence, you are making a decision about the investment you are willing to make and the consequences your decision will have on your future.

When you hire Chambers Law Office, you get results-driven representation and an aggressive pursuit of your rights in all of our practice areas.  Don’t stake your freedom, financial future and legal rights on an attorney who will not fight hard for you.  Do not place your trust in the hands of an inexperienced attorney.  At Chambers Law Office. we will stand in your corner regardless of the odds against you.  We will work hard for you and provide the necessary legal representation with proven trial experience.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas (click on each for more info)
No Case is Insignificant

No one walks through our front door with an insignificant case. There is no such thing. Pleading guilty to an assault, DWI, OUI or drug charges can have lasting consequences.

If you answer no to any of the following questions, please contact us:
  • Can you afford to lose your driver's license after a DUI/OUI arrest?
  • Would you give up your home because of a MGL, Chapter 209A restraining order ?
  • Are you satisfied with a criminal record that prevents gun ownership rights ?
  • Is it ok for your son or daughter to spend time in jail for drug crimes ?
  • Are you willing to pay a speeding ticket and then deal with the hidden costs and consequences?
  • Would you rather plead guilty and take the punishment when there is a chance to win?
There are thousands of lawyers within the greater Boston and North Shore area, but the choice of who you hire is yours. Make sure you make a sound and educated decision before you choose a lawyer. Your lawyer's experience and effectiveness can determine the outcome of your legal matter.

An Aggressive Lawyer Willing to Fight for You

Contact us in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, for defense representation you can count on, throughout the Boston-North metro area.  Contact us today to fight for you!
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