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Here protecting your Constitutional Rights in federal and state courts for over 20 years. 

Massachusetts is known for having some of the strictest gun ownership laws in the nation, even going so far as to forbid individuals convicted of any violent crime, misdemeanor or felony, from being able to possess a firearm. Despite the fact that in 2008 the United State Supreme Court recognized Second Amendment gun ownership protections as a civil right, the state of Massachusetts continues to abridge gun rights above and beyond what is permitted under the United States Constitution. At Chambers Law we help law abiding citizens protect their constitutional rights to own a gun.  We create common sense solutions to give Boston area residents access to the freedoms and rights enjoyed by others across the rest of the nation.

Don’t Settle for No!

Imagine a respected, honorably discharged veteran being refused gun ownership rights because of a bar fight arrest in the 1950’s.  At Chambers Law Office, we don’t have to imagine it; we’ve seen it and returned this Veteran to his right to gun ownership.  When the state of Massachusetts has unfairly denied your gun ownership rights, we will take up your case and take up the fight for your civil rights.  We aren’t in the business of putting weapons into the hands of criminals, but we are committed to making sure that all law abiding citizens; be they doctors, dentists, attorneys, architects, factory workers or stay-at-home moms enjoy rights and protections recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court.
We can petition for judicial review of your gun rights when
you have been denied a license because of a
prior misdemeanor conviction.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need to speak with us:
  • Have you been charged with a misdemeanor crime?
  • Have you plead guilty or paid a fine for a lesser violent act?
These are among the common cases where, without the assistance of a skilled and experienced lawyer, you could lose your Second Amendment gun rights in Massachusetts indefinitely. Our office stands ready to help you protect those rights.

Talk to a Lawyer an Experience 2nd Amendment Lawyer
The name Chambers has been associated with strong representation in the Boston area for three generations.  We believe in aggressively helping people protect their rights and freedoms, and we know that you are counting on your attorney to get results.  Find out how we can help you protect or restore your legal gun ownership rights.  Contact us below to schedule a consultation.
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